How to Solve the Problem of Closing The Toilet Seat Too Slowly

When the toilet seat and lid soft closing hinges were installed in the first time, a gentle push will make the closing of both the seat and lid happen after 7 seconds. But a few years later after the soft closing hinges were installed, that same push lets the seat close as usual; perhaps the lid stops, so you have to manually close the lid. Or it will take a very long time to fully close.


How do these slow closing hinges work and what makes the lid slow down? How to solve these problems?

In fact, toilet soft close hinge includes a mechanism which is called hydraulic rotary dampers. The fluid goes through a small gap and so the falling speed is reduced by the resistance. But what causes the reduction of the lid speed and difficulty to close automatically is not due to the rotary damper itself but the friction because of the dirt. Thus, cleaning the hinges is highly recommended.


Disassemble the whole seat and lid, and soak the whole closing hinges include the rotary dampers in hot soapy water. Everything will go back to normal after the whole seat and lid are re-installed.


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How to Solve the Problem of Closing The Toilet Seat Too Slowly