Fido  Motion Control

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As a professional rotating damper manufacturer, we have specialized in rotary viscous damper development, production and customized solutions since 2004. All our RD, manufacturing and service activities conform to ISO9001: 2008 standard. Fido rotary viscous dampers and solutions have been successfully applied in a large number of cases and products, approved and respected in different industries such as home appliances, automotive and other systems, worldwide.

As any internal product, a damper sometimes cannot be externally seen, but even so, Fido rotary viscous dampers still comprise a wide variety of products used in automotive interiors, home electrical appliances, furniture, invisible screen windows, theater seats, bathroom products and many other applications where soft movement and vibration free are a requirement. Once a rotary damper is added to a product, a remarkable difference will be noted. Our rotary viscous damper solutions will provide silence, safety, comfort and convenience, and extending a product’s lifetime.

Quality, reliability, joy in innovating and constantly positive feedback from our customers are our main values. Fido Motion Control is here to be the main supplier your company’s needs.  

About us

About us