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  • 23.11,2017

    Fido Rotary Dampers Solve Problem

    Uncontrolled movements when opening and closing, lifting and lowering lids are dangerous, uncomfortable, and stress on the material. Fido motion rotary dampers will solve this problem.
  • 17.11,2017

    Fido Rotary Dampers Make Your Car More Safety, Mor...

    Fido Motion Control produces rotary dampers make your car more safety, more comfort. More and more people spend a lot of time in their cars, making a comfortable interior increasingly important.
  • 15.11,2017

    Rotary Dampers Use Silicon Oil As Damping Fluid

    Hydraulic rotary motion dampers use special silicon oil as the damping fluid medium generated different damping torque. Silicon oil is available in various viscosity which affects the damping force. The same rotary damper design with a different oil viscosity will result in different damping forces. The oil’s viscosity changes when a rotary motion damper is heated or cooled. Forces increase when a rotational damper is cooled and decreases when a rotational damper is he...
  • 13.11,2017

    High-quality Rotary Dampers Avoid Safety Issues

    Fido Motion Control manufactures high-quality rotary motion dampers which are applied for car interiors, home appliances and so on. They make your world silent, soft and comfortable. Installation of dampers can also avoid issues related to safety, for example trapping a finger when closing a cabinet door. Opening and closing, lifting and lowering lids can be uncomfortable and sometimes dangerous if heavy and sharp objects, like a sliding door or oven door, descends or closes...
  • 08.11,2017

    Using Rotary Dampers to Reduce Noise

    Using rotary dampers to reduce noise is very important. Several studies highlighted the negative impact of noise to public health including emotional changes, namely agitation, distraction, disappointment, stress, hypertension, the development of cardiovascular diseases. According to WHO worldwide 1.3 billion people suffer from this condition and 10% of the global population are currently exposed to noise levels that could lead to hearing impairment.