RH-N19 Series Rotary Dampers, Robust Rotary Dampers Manufacturer
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RH-N19 Series High-performance Hydraulic Vane Damper

Finite rotation angle. Small body, large damping torques

Max rotation angle is 110°

Damping torque is in the range of 1Nm to 3Nm

The damping direction of Fido RH-N19 series barrel rotational dampers with a durable high-quality plastic body is to the left or right. Their different damping directions are marked by a different colored end cover. When the dampers rotate in a reverse direction, there will be a return damping torque of a level which depends on the size. Fido barrel rotary dampers control dampening utilizing the principle of oil pressure. Our barrel rotary vane dampers are easy to install and totally maintenance free.


  • Max. operating angle:


    Damping torque:

    1Nm to 3Nm

    Damping direction:

    right, left

    Construction size:

    Ø 19 mm

    Operating temperature:

    -5 ~ 50°

  • Lifespan:

    50,000 cycles

    Body and cap material:


    Rotating shaft material:


    Oil type: