Rotary dampers for home appliances

Fido rotary damper units make the household appliance outstanding.

To achieve superior noise suppression, eliminate ‘collision damage’, increase safety and improve performance, Fido soft-closing hydraulic rotary dampers are used everywhere to control deceleration of rotational or linear movements. Our soft-close hydraulic rotary dampers connect directly to the linear or pivotal center via a high-quality and durable plastic gear and rack.

Fido hydraulic rotary dampers guarantee gentle opening and closing of lids, plates and doors, providing smooth and safe equipment operation. The direction of damping torques of the multi-purpose hydraulic rotary dampers can be either clockwise, anticlockwise, or bi-directional with a limitless rotation angle or limit rotation angle, depending on your requirements.

Fido high-quality hydraulic rotary damper unit for household applications: sliding motion doors, drawers, toilet seats and toilet covers, garbage can lids, household CD, door handles, electric rice cookers, washing machines, tumble dryers, air filter covers, piano covers, refrigerators, etc.