RH-N18 Series Robust Rotary Damper, Rotary Dampers Factory
  • RH-N18 Robust Rotary Damper Factory

RH-N18 Series High Performance Oil Rotary Damper

Partial angle rotation, durable plastic body with strong large damping torques

Max. rotation angle is 110°

Damping torque is in the range of 1N•m to 2N•m

The damping direction of Fido RH-N18 series multi-purpose robust rotary dampers with a durable high-quality plastic body is either to the left or right. Different colors of the cap indicates different damping directions. There is also a damping torque which relates to the size of the robust rotary damper when it rotates in reverse. Fido robust oil vane rotary dampers reduce the speed of the rotation through hydraulic pressure with the shaft, creating a silent and non-impact operation. Our oil vane rotary dampers are easy to install and are totally maintenance free. 


  • Max. operating angle:


    Damping torque:

    1Nm to 2 Nm

    Damping direction:

    right, left

    Construction size:

    Ø 18 mm

    Operating temperature:

    -5 ~ 50°

  • Lifespan:

    50,000 cycles

    Body and cap material:


    Rotating shaft material:


    Oil type:



RH-N18 Series Robust Rotary Damper, Rotary Dampers Factory

Washing Machine Lid

A washing machine is a vital household appliance which helps to make daily life easier. If the washing machine cover isn’t mounted with a rotary vane damper, the cover can easily fall, which is dangerous, noisy and can damage the lid and main body of the machine. As a consequence, it is essential to make sure you install Fido rotary vane dampers. After the rotary vane damper is installed, the cover of the washing machine will close slowly, smoothly, silently and safely. The max rotation angle of the damper is 110 degrees. This can get damaged if the rotation angle exceeds the max. angle. Please design the stop mechanism externally.
RH-N18 Series Robust Rotary Damper, Rotary Dampers Factory