RH-P23 Series
  • Fido Rotary damper RH-P23

RH-P23 Series Ideal Soft-close Plastic Vane Rotary Damper

Finite angle rotation, perfect dampening motion

Max. rotation angle is 110°

Damping torque is in the range of 0.4 N•m to 1.5N•m

The damping direction of Fido RH-P23 hydraulic soft-closing rotary dampers with a good character and high performance is left. This unidirectional rotary damper helps avoid damaging impacts by slowing down the opening and closing lids and creates a slow and gentle movement utilize the oil pressure. There is a return damping force when the hydraulic soft-closing rotary damper is rotating in the opposite direction, the force value depends on the damper size. Fido unidirectional rotary dampers can be easily installed on all equipment and they are maintenance free.


  • Max. operating angle:


    Damping torque:

    0.4 N•m to 1.5N•m

    Damping direction:

    both ways

    Construction size:

    Ø 23mm

    Operating temperature:

    -5 ~ 60°

  • Lifespan:

    50,000 cycles

    Body and cap material:

    Polycarbonate (PC)

    Rotating shaft material:


    Oil type: