RH-Q34 Series Rotary Dampers, Door Lever Rotary Damper
  • RH-Q34 FIDO door lever rotary DAMPER
  • Fido Rotary damper RH-Q34

RH-Q34 Series High Quality Rotary Damper

Damper for door handle buffer, with limited rotation angle

Max rotation angle is 60°

Damping torque is in the range of 0.48 Nm to 1.2 Nm

The damping direction of the Fido RH-Q34 door lever rotary damper can rotate clockwise or anticlockwise. It can dampen directly via the shaft. The damping direction changes when you flip the mounting surface. Fido rotary vane dampers utilize fluid resistance generated by oil pressure to decelerate the moving component. These door lever rotary dampers are very easy to install and are totally maintenance-free.


  • Max. rotation speed:


    Max. operating angle:


    Damping torque:

    0.48 Nm to 1.2 Nm

    Max. cycle rate:


    Damping direction:

    right, left

    Construction size:

    Ø 34 mm

  • Operating temperature:

    -10 ~ 60°C


    50,000 cycles

    Body and cap material:

    Polyacetal (POM)

    Rotating shaft material:


    Oil type:



RH-Q34 Series Rotary Dampers, Door Lever Rotary Damper

Door handle

When you use the door handle, the Fido soft-closing rotary dampers connect the rotary knob and the lock panel will provide a damping force, which will mute the closing noise perfectly. The handle cannot move to the start or stop position initially because of the damping force generated by the rotary damper. The door handle will rotate gentle and smoothly when opening the door, while loud noises caused by banging a door and the subsequent vibration can be avoided. The damping direction is available to the right or left, when the installation surface is altered, the damping direction will be also changed.
RH-Q34 Series Rotary Dampers, Door Lever Rotary Damper