Fido Rotary Dampers

The Wisest and Safest Choice

Helping you increase sales

While we produce some of the finest-quality and most-durable rotary speed control dampers available today, we have also worked tirelessly to develop rotary dampers that are cost effective to install on your products. We want to help you elevate the quality and ‘feel’ of your products to help you get ahead of your competitors. A low-price product doesn’t have to mean poor-quality components, especially where any rotary speed control damper is concerned.

Consumers buy based on feedback/reputation left by previous customers, they buy based on ‘feel’ – if a product feels as if it has been well made, and they also buy appearance. If you use Fido hydraulic rotary dampers in your products, then any opening/closing motion will have a quality feel to it, which will elevate the quality of your product and act as a driver for positive consumer decisions – your sales can and will increase dramatically, but without requiring a corresponding increase in production costs.

Feedback for products bought will also be protected as our hydraulic rotary dampers have been quality and laboratory tested to enable us to guarantee a lifespan of 50,000 cycles. Feedback for your product will be improved with comments like “The washing machine has a quality feel to it and the lid closes smoothly and gently, which is a great safety feature,”, or “I never realized you could get a toilet seat and cover that had a ‘soft close’ mechanism. What a fantastic difference it makes to have a toilet seat that doesn’t make a loud noise every time it is used!” Comments like these do more than anything else to help improve sales.

The perfect balance between quality, durability and unit price

For low-price products or products which are very ‘price sensitive’, finding ways to keep your unit price as low as possible doesn’t have to mean sacrificing on quality of components where hydraulic rotary dampers are concerned. Our hydraulic rotary dampers are used in products ranging from a portable CD player which costs just a few dollars, to automotive vehicles, which cost several thousand dollars. We have invested heavily in financial terms to find the best materials which allow us to manufacture high-quality and durable rotary dampers that we can securely guarantee, while creating one of the most reliable and efficient manufacturing processes so that we can offer you quality hydraulic rotary dampers at a highly competitive price. Just ask us for samples and immediately you will see what we are talking about.

Protecting your reputation

When consumers purchase luxury products, not only do they want that item to look good, feel good and work smoothly, they also want it to last. One of the swiftest ways to ruin your reputation for producing high-end quality products is for them to break down early on. Here at Fido Motion Control, we understand and respect just how hard it is to create a good reputation, and more to the point, how easy it is to ruin it. 

We take reliability and longevity very seriously, which is why we are as keen to protect our own reputation as well as yours. We have considerable trial data available which we can share with you so that you can see for yourself just how we are able to guarantee our rotary dampers for 50,000 cycles, which is far more use than they are ever likely to encounter.

Choosing or changing supplier for an item such as a hydraulic rotary damper is a critical business decision and we certainly wouldn’t expect you to choose our rotary dampers simply from reading what we have to say on our website. Instead, we would be more than happy to send you samples and talk to you about prices, volumes and capacities, which we know are of equal importance.Our best advice is for you to send us an email or better still, give us a call, and we will be more than happy to help answer any questions you may have and explain in more detail just why using Fido hydraulic rotary dampers in your products could be a very shrewd business decision.