How to choose the right rotary dampers manufacturer

With the improvement of life quality, people have a higher standard towards their daily life. The deceleration technology is commonly adopted in furniture and a car’s interior. When you get up in the mid-night, it won’t disturb your families when rotary dampers mounted in the toilet seat and cover. When you open the door, the doorknob will not rotate very fast and close suddenly if you install a rotary damper in the doorknob lock . When you drive the sliding door, it will move smoothly and gently if the damping system was assembled.

Rotary dampers not only give you a quiet environment and make you feel comfortable, but also let your products more outstanding and attractive. Now we will analyze the crucial factor you should consider when you choose the proper rotary dampers for your products.

First of all, according to your products, you can choose the right rotary hydraulic dampers with suitable torque. Rotary dampers without enough torque will damage the damping components and your products under heavy pressure. The lid won’t close absolutely if the rotary dampers torque exceeds the max value. 


Second, choose a reliable hydraulic damper brand which can be a warranty of good quality. The reliable brand includes: a standardized management system, an excellent research and technical team, and recognition by famous brands.


The last factor is the after-sale service; it is important when you purchase rotary dampers for your products. Once the quality problems are raised, they can be solved under  the help of the factory.

How to choose the right rotary dampers manufacturer