Damping technology provides soft and safe motion control

This unique rotary damper with compact structure is uniquely designed by Fido Motion Control’s excellent team using advanced equipment. It can generate required torque to slow down the moving parts, thus it is suitable for any situation where no noise is needed. 

Fido Rotary Dampers can be applied for a large range of applications:

Home appliances: rice cooker, sliding door, washing machine, cabinet door, toilet cover and seat, invisible screen

Office applications: printer, coffee machine

Automotive parts: safety handle, vehicle-mounted cd, car refrigerator,  ashtray, cup holder, seat armrest, glasses box, storage box

Public zones: floor socket, lifting cabinet, vending machine, piano, theater seat

Partial and continuous angle types with different torque of rotary dampers are available, which can be provided according to your requirements. You are welcome to contact us at any time for further information to meet your specific needs.

Damping technology provides soft and safe motion control