Rotary Damped Pianos

Fido rotary dampers have been applied for pianos.

The piano. Invented more than three hundred years ago, today has the same production methods as one hundred years ago. Few improvements have came up the last centuries, some related to its sound, functionality or visual aspects.

However musical and/or others improvements has been only a little in few hundred years, recently, the modern society requires more than its normal functionality as a commercial product. Piano‘s (or any other product‘s) safety is essential for commercialization, and mass production items. 

Professional pianists or not, no matter who own the product at home, no one wants its property to be a risk to the owner himself or even kids living at home. 

Any piano, has a cover to its keyboard, which is made of solid wood, it is heavy and easily can get some fingers hurt. 

Recently, new piano designs using Fido rotary dampers, with patents from famous piano brands, started to be a new, modern and awesome simple solution for, what we call, a big problem. Nowadays, almost every new grand piano comes with a rotary damper attached to its keyboard cover. In this way, the product will not be only safe, but also have a special classy touch, to an already classy instrument.

It is rotary damper technology, bringing safety, functionality, and making classical products even more classy.

Rotary Damped Pianos