Why choose Fido Motion Control?

We are committed to being a reliable rotary damper supplier, growing and developing while we listen to our customers’ feedback to create highly-competitive and successful products.

Our Mission – Awesome Products

To deliver reliable, awesome soft-close rotary dampers for our clients, worldwide.

Our Values – Transparency

We work with total transparency, paying full attention to our customers’ needs through providing quality, reliability, innovation and constant communication.

On-Time Delivery

We are always here at anytime you need us – we provide a reliable, on-time and efficient service.

A Solution Provider

With more than ten years in the market, professional knowledge, an experienced team and customer feedback, we can provide solutions for a large variety of applications.

We value long-term business, understanding your needs and assisting every step of the way to solve your needs.


We are continually improving our operational efficiency, providing, quality hydraulic rotary dampers at highly competitive prices


We guarantee our products quality, all products can be returned in the rare event any defect is detected.

Why choose Fido Motion Control?