Fido Rotary Motion Dampers for Safety Door Handle

Fido Motion Control provide high-quality plastic rotary motion dampers make your product more valuable and outstanding. 

The rotary motion dampers for a vehicle door handle, in particular in order to avoid impact when loose the door handle. Inertial damping system using the fluid resistance to generate a damping torque, wherein rotation of the damper to move slowly to prevent the return of the device in a short time with impact. 

Through adjusting the liquid viscosity allow the rotary motion dampers have different damping torque, and ensures uniform movement speed to create a soft and stylish motion. Fido high-performance rotary motion dampers are suitable for various kinds of automotive interior decorations, such as storage boxes, cup holders, ashtrays, door handles, make-up vanity mirrors, sunglasses boxes, sun visors
Fido Rotary Motion Dampers for Safety  Door Handle