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  • 11.10,2017

    How Fido Small Rotary Dampers Improve Car Interior...

    Small rotary dampers are typically used on covers and lids, but in the car interior, their use can extend beyond the common applications.
  • 10.10,2017

    Fido Hydraulic Rotary Dampers Protect Washing Machin...

    The washing machine lids are susceptible to shock and impact damage. Using the right kind of hydraulic rotary dampers is one way to protect these lids and keep washing machine closing safely.
  • 06.10,2017

    Rotary Damped Pianos

    Recently, new piano designs using Fido rotary dampers, with patents from famous piano brands, started to be a new, modern and awesome simple solution for, what we call, a big problem. Nowadays, almost every new grand piano comes with a rotary damper attached to its keyboard cover. In this way, the product will not be only safe, but also have a special classy touch, to an already classy instrument.
  • 05.10,2017

    How Fido rotary damper increases door handle lock’s lif...

    Fido oil rotary dampers provide a damping force when door handle moves, avoiding impact force to the lock panel and inside components. Thus, Fido soft-close door handle lock oil rotary damper, is a good choice for improving handle lock performance as well as the quality.
  • 03.10,2017

    Fido hydraulic rotary dampers applied for smart house

    Motion control is another home creative activity. Just a small change, installing hydraulic rotary dampers for moving parts of furniture and home appliance. Silent, comfortable and safe living environment will be owned to your family.